Rise Theatre Collective

Rise Theater, is a theatre collective based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded with the goal of providing opportunities to young artists and emerging artists from the many fields of performance art. Allowing them professional position in our multidisciplinary projects.

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Gracchi is a multidisciplinary ensemble play, dramatizing the lives of the brothers Tiberius Gracchus and Gaius Gracchus. Two influential politicians living in the late Roman Republic, a troubled time of corrupt politicians, outdate administration and a society filled with wealth disparity.
To aid their fellow citizens the Gracchi brothers decide to embark on a campaign for implanting the largest land redistribution in Roman history.
Over the course of their lives and political careers, their populistic approach to bringing reforms will set them up directly against the Senate and turn the society and politics entrenched and uncompromising. Ensuring direct confrontation between the two sides. As we explore not just the nature of political power but also its effect on the people, the personal ambitions and vendettas justified by ideals, factionalism and familial expectations. The play is a theatrical performance mixing classical acting with modern on-stage technical effects, including live music and ensemble choreography.

Sina A. Suren is a multidisciplinary performance artist, specializing in writing, directing and acting. Born in Iran to a doctor family, he had the opportunity to experience the many professional fields such as programing, chemistry and biology but he vigorously followed a profession in performance arts. Feeling repressed in that community and seeking the best training possible, he and his family migrated to Canada where he continued his education and received his technical degree in professional acting from John Abbott Theatre program. He followed his training by spending multiple semester studying acting in Sheridan College and English literature at University of Toronto. He finished his Bachelor degree at University of Concordia in Performance Creation.
Sina is an avid and passionate fan of history and a believer in the strong capacity of performance artist and storytellers in bringing social change. He is an author of multiple social essays, fictional stories and plays, short and full-length, with his play “Gracchi” becoming a finalist in Infinitheatre Write-on-Q competition.
He has had the chance to direct theatres and short films of multiple genre, in multiple languages and international texts, with his projects gaining international recognition.
After graduation, Sina founded the Rise Theatre Company, with the goal of offering visibility to new performance artist and allowing them to showcase their talents in the many disciplines of theatre.
Currently he spends his professional time acting as the artistic director of Rise Theatre Company as well as collaborating with different artistic groups across the island of Montreal. Creating content for Parnian online T.V. and writing.

Maria Jimenez is a versatile composer, vocalist, and Performance artist originally from Vancouver and based in Montréal. She is a recent graduate of McGill University’s Schulich School of Music with a degree in Composition and Jazz Voice: Performance. Musical styles and influences include Jazz, Avant-Garde, Latin, Indie Rock and Neoclassicism. She has participated in the Oregon Bach Festival Composer’s Symposium, VIPA Festival, and was a winner in the Vancouver Chamber Choir Young Composer’s Competition and Crescendo International Music Competitions. Her musical compositions range from live performance to theatre and film including Yvette Nolan’s The Birds (McGill University), Where We Were (TNC Theatre), and A Nightmare About You (TVM). Upcoming works include: Marguerite B: A Chamber Oratorio (Spring 2023; Notre Dame de Bonsecours Chapel), and her upcoming Indie album Songs My Mother Never Taught Me (Spring 2022).

Odin Rezai is a 3d artist who specializes in modeling and texturing, he like to work from sketches / concept art and create stylized models. Odin discovered his passion for modelling in 2017, when he enrolled to Dawson college in 3d animation & CGI that introduced him to Autodesk Maya and zbrush! He has been honing my skills from school, and applying them in other programs such as Photoshop and After Effects. He has found an interest in working with different digital mediums as well, which has given him more range in his abilities to do freelance work. He is experienced in producing 3d art for advertising and for small content creators. "My current involvement in Gracchi has lead me to creating matte paintings to achieve the final results of the backgrounds, giving the audience a more immersive experience with the story telling while viewing the play in action".

You Chen Zhang is a young set and lighting designer who graduate from the theatre program of Concordia University. Before studying in theatre, he was a magician and photographer. He worked in Lion in the Streets (Concordia theatre) as a lighting designer and The Short Work festival (Concordia theatre) as a production lighting designer (Concordia theatre), in the Slice 2.0 (Concordia theatre) (canceled by the Covid-19), Alice in Wasteland (Concordia theatre), the Head Over Heels (AUTS of McGill University) as set designer, A Chorus Line (AUTS of McGill University) (canceled by the Covid-19). He currently working in Gracchi as a lighting designer and Sweet Charity (AUTS of McGill University) as set designer.

Adrienne Gantenberg is a costume designer and recycled fur artisan who is passionate about creative reuse. She studied Fashion Design in her hometown of Chicago before moving to Brussels where she worked for a fashion label, exhibited her visual art, and made costumes for student films at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Louvain-La-Neuve. In 2017 she came to Montreal to further pursue her costume career through the Design for the Theatre program at Concordia University graduating in May 2020. She has worked as a costume designer and wardrobe technician on many theatre productions throughout Montreal. In 2018 she won the Montreal Broadway World Regional Awards for Best Costume Design for the Addams Family (WISTA), and again in 2019 for her work on Bonnie and Clyde (Contact Theatre).

Jonathan Vanderzon (Gaius Gracchus) is a New York trained actor from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. His early career consists mainly of smaller roles for Film and TV (FUTURE MAN, BARKSKINS) and substantial roles in the indie sphere (CAMPING TRIP, EAU DE JESUS). Select stage credits include THE SANDY MONOLOGUES (Falconworks NYC), LA FILLE DU TAMBOUR-MAJOR (Opéra Bouffe du Québec), and CARRIE: THE MUSICAL (In The Wings Promotions).

Johnny Abilach is a multidisciplinary artist currently located and residing in Montreal. His evolution from being an athlete, a class clown, a visual artist to an aspiring physicist - has led him to finding his true calling as an actor and dancer.
As a multiracial person, he’s struggled with identity and finding a space to fit in. This has motivated him to pursue his dreams of making a change in the industry. Where characters aren’t strictly defined by race, gender or orientation, but by the nuances and the world in which they inhabit. Most recent/favorite credits include playing numerous roles in “Lion in the Streets” (Concordia University), and Lord Evelyn Oakleigh in the musical “Anything Goes” (John Abbott
College Theatre). Johnny hopes Johnny didn’t write his own third
person bio too rigidly, since Johnny is more chill in person. Feel free to reach out to Johnny on his Instagram “@jjburst” (yes Johnny shamelessly plugged the gram).

Leya Graie (she/he/they) is a queer genderfluid actor and artist based in Montreal. She graduated from Concordia University's Theatre program in 2018, and has been performing in as much as she can ever since. Most recently he has appeared as Laurie in this past year's Fringe production The Mentorship, and as Emma Parker in Contact Theatre's inaugural show Bonnie and Clyde. A proud "Jack of All Trades, Master of Absolutely Nothing", When not performing, writing their first ever musical, or running their own embroidery and art store (Moonlit Cat Creations), Leya can be found reviewing books on YouTube (Leya’s Library), learning far too many languages, and singing with their cat, Hamlet.

Born in Manhattan, New York. Casey grew up with her single mother and younger sister in Washington Heights. Attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia for Visual Arts in 2009. Graduated with her regents diploma in 2013 and headed on to the American and Musical Dramatic Academy. She studied Musical Theatre until she graduated in 2015 and has been working ever since. You might have seen her in the 2020 Christmas commercial for Hobby Lobby where an older couple matches two neighbors during the holidays. Casey is thrilled to be a part of the Gracchi team!

Tamsin is very excited to be part of Rise Theatre's Gracchi production recently picking up acting again after a hiatus following visual art pursuits and other journeys. Her last theatre production was in Vancouver playing May in Sam Shephard's Fool for Love directed by Jack Paterson. TV roles include Louise in Da Vinci’s City Hall City Hall, CBC, a stint for Global TV/Mystery Channel and some Indies. Tamsin is most often seen with dirty fingernails, painting giving way to endless hours in the backyard planting and propagating to create a magical and mysterious garden -a long-term project which might give way to an ornamental Ancient Roman garden perhaps including some plaster of Paris statues.