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 Gracchi, An original theatrical epic produced by the Rise Theatre Collective.

Gracchi is a multidisciplinary ensemble play, dramatizing the lives of the brothers Tiberius Gracchus and Gaius Gracchus. Two influential politicians living in the late Roman Republic, a troubled time of corrupt politicians, outdate administration and a society filled with wealth disparity. To aid their fellow citizens the Gracchi brothers decide to embark on a campaign for implanting the largest land redistribution in Roman history. Over the course of their lives and political careers, their populistic approach to bringing reforms will set them up directly against the Senate and turn the society and politics entrenched and uncompromising. Ensuring direct confrontation between the two sides. As we explore not just the nature of political power but also its effect on the people, the personal ambitions and vendettas justified by ideals, factionalism and familial expectations. The play is a theatrical performance mixing classical acting with modern on-stage technical effects, including live music and ensemble choreography.


Written and Directed by Sina A. Suren this show premiered at Place des Arts, Montreal on October 22nd 2022. You can get your copy of the play here: